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Polytool Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (Penang)

Polytool is a well-established manufacturer in High Precision Engineering Industry focusing on CNC machining Components, high precision standard components (+ 5 micron) and high precision tooling and parts supporting our customers who involved in Semiconductor, E&E, Telecommunication, Aerospace, Medical & life science and Equipment Assembler and manufacturer.

We are pre-eminent supplier to our customers for all their CNC machining components and high precision standard components and parts made of aluminium, steel, all kinds of metal material and plastic material.

We are able to support our customer from technical aspects and designing or re-engineering of their operations needs with our capability in high precision machining components as well as high precision tooling and parts.

With ISO 9001 compliance and working towards ISO 13485 compliance, Polytool is dedicated towards manufacturing and services all machining components and tooling requirements of our local and international customer.

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Polytool Technologies Sdn. Bhd.(Penang)


KT Microhandling Sdn. Bhd. (Penang)

The KT Microhandling is a leading supplier of high performance test head manipulators and test interfacing solutions for testing process of semiconductors with more than thirty years of engineering experience.
KT Microhandling adds value by leveraging the synergy between advanced innovation, low-cost manufacturing operations and eminence assembly methods. Guided by seasoned leadership, the company focuses on customer challenging test requirements and the principles of LEAN operations as the culture.
Trusted by industry leaders, the semiconductor production of hard docking testing, thermal testing and wafer-level probing – the test head integration solutions of KT Microhandling are applied within the package level and wafer level test for applications of daily use. Customers in the semiconductor industry and related markets like Advanced Packaging, MEMS and Memory appreciate our comprehensive experience in test integration. This makes us a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as for research and development.
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KT Microhandling Sdn. Bhd. (Penang)


Maker Technologies Sdn. Bhd.