Aerospace Business Group

Paradigm Aerospace – An advanced manufacturer of aerospace precision metal work company which promises high performance and working with well-defined OEM as strategic partner in Asia Pacific region. Our comprehensive manufacturing capacity is able to provide One Stop Engineering Solution to worldwide customers’ requirements.

Components Business Group

Paradigm Precision Component – Offers high precision CNC machining skills and technologies that provides convenience and flexibility for your local and global manufacturing requirements. The company is right fit for OEMs requiring low to mid-volume, high mix manufacturing for semiconductor and-medical life-science industry with the aim to deliver seamless CNC machining & high-level mechanical assembly services.


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Paradigm Precision Components Sdn. Bhd.(Penang, Malaysia)

Micro Surface Treatment – An ISO 9001:2015 and NADCAP AC7004 certified surface finishing house that provide surface treatment solution for metal parts across semiconductor, medical and aerospace industries, specializing in powder coating, chem film, various type of plating processes.


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Micro Surface Treatment Sdn. Bhd.(Penang)

Mechatronic Business Group

Paradigm Metal Industries – A well-established solution provider in sheet metal parts fabrication, and offers world class OEM specializing in box-build, modular assembly and machine equipment integration solution with uncompromising quality.


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Paradigm Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd.(Penang)

Equipment & Engineering Business Group

KT Microhandling – A leading supplier of high performance test head manipulators and test interfacing solutions for testing process of semiconductors with more than thirty years of semiconductor related test engineering experience.


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KT Microhandling Sdn. Bhd. (Penang)

Oil & Gas Business Group

Bend Weld Engineering – Provide services and support for subsea oil and gas companies as core business with capability covers heavy machinery, fabrication and coating of subsea riser, drilling equipment, modules and metal structures. Bend Weld’s customers are mainly oilfield equipment manufacturing companies from both local and overseas.


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Bend Weld Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Tooling Business Group

Polytool Technologies – An established precision engineering company involved in manufacturing, supplies and servicing both its local and oversea customer precision engineering parts, tool, dies and moulds and precision machining components.


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Polytool Technologies Sdn. Bhd.(Penang)