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Polytool Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (Penang)

Polytool Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a reputable manufacturer of hi-tech tooling and has established itself as the pre-eminent vendor to manufacture and supply customized precision carbide and tool steel parts to major semiconductor companies particularly the transfer mould parts, trim and form tooling.
The company has expertise to design and manufacture high precision trim and form die sets and offer excellent technical support to carry out reengineering, upgrading and modification of customers’ tools and provide prompt after sales service.
The company has ISO 9001 certification.
The company is dedicated towards manufacturing and servicing the ultra-precision tooling requirements of local and international semiconductor industries.

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Polytool Technologies Sdn. Bhd.(Penang)


MICROHANDLING Asia Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

MICROHANDLING is a leading international designer and manufacturer of high performance test head manipulators that are used in the manufacturing and testing process of semiconductors.
Since its incorporation in 1985, MICROHANDLING has grown to serve a large base of customers worldwide. Sales have considerably increased and the number of employees is was steadily rising. MICROHANDLING is a synonym for innovative products, outstanding precision and the highest quality products available on the market.
IN 2008 MICROHANDLING ASIA was established as a logistic & manufacturing hub in Singapore to satisfy customers demand for superb technology combined with competitive pricing.
SINCE 2009 MICROHANDLING ASIA tie in with MICROHANDLING traditions and provide best service & support from its headquarter in Singapore and world wide partners.

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MICROHANDLING Asia Pte Ltd. (Singapore)


Maker Technologies Sdn. Bhd.